Case Study | Bupa

  • System Type: Unified Administrative Platform
  • Key Technologies: Microsoft.NET, Oracle

Bupa is an international healthcare group, serving 32 million customers in 190 countries. They use an application called SWIFT to provide a single view of customers, policies, hospitals and consultants. This was developed in-house to consolidate around 32 legacy systems. The aim was to provide a lower total cost of ownership, and faster, easier system changes.

Teksidia worked on a project to extend SWIFT so it could handle new product offerings; including claims handling, payments to hospitals, claims adjudication and quotations.

What We Learnt

SWIFT is a living example of a true enterprise application (“the largest .NET Smart Client commercial application in Europe”) with over 4 million lines of code. With an application of this size, it’s impossible to avoid complexity and this comes with it’s own challenges when one of the original aims was ‘faster and easier change’. SWIFT is a great achievement. However, like many custom-built enterprise systems, SWIFT is complex.

We quickly learnt that any problem is easier to solve if it’s broken down into chunks. You can do this in software with ‘micro services’, each built to address specific organisational and user needs. Each micro service is independent but speaks the same language as the other components. You can adapt to future business needs by adding/changing services, focusing only on the independent service in question. Compared to changing a monolithic application built with 4 million lines of code, this is much easier!

It’s important to consider that systems do not exist in isolation. They need to talk to each other and share data. This allows you to build strong processes with best of breed systems that can be swapped, extended and decommissioned…future proofing your business.

How this experience helps you:

  • We build applications incrementally, designed around small, independent parts
  • We only use software that embraces open standards (i.e. so it can easily exchange data with other systems)

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