Why should we choose Teksidia?

Because we take time to really understand your issues. Communication and transparency is key to our ethos – we want our journey together to be fun, open and rewarding. We always seek the simplest solution, even for seemingly complex problems. We place people before technology and always think of the user behind the keyboard/touchscreen. We value software development best practices (‘craftmanship’) and take great pride in our outputs. Finally – because we are small and personable and hopefully you can relate to us more than a larger consultancy.

Where are Teksidia based?

We’re based in sunny Stockport, Greater Manchester. If you require a ‘bum on seat’ freelance developer then your office needs to be within easy reach. If you’re happy for us to work remotely (our prefered option) your geographical location doesn’t matter, as long as we can speak together in English and you’re OK for any communications to happen between 0800 and 1800 UK time.

How much will my project cost?

We have two pricing models – ‘Time and Materials’ and ‘Iterative Fixed Price’.

‘Time and Materials’ is pay-as-you-go and based on an hourly rate.

‘Iterative Fixed Price’ is based on a fixed number of iterations (usually 2 – 3 weeks in length) after which we promise to deliver production-ready software. Each iteration includes a deliverable for you to test and evaluate. You pay at the end of each iteration and can cancel further iterations at any point. Breaking a project down into iterations allows you to change requirements during development, without exceeding your budget.

We aim to compete on quality and customer satisfaction, but we try to include an indication of projected value against estimated cost in our proposals, to ensure you get true bang for your bucks. Why not book a free consultation today? We’d be delighted to provide a specific price estimate once we learn about your idea.

Who works at Teksidia?

Teksidia has just one full time employee – Jamie Cox, freelance software developer (we did say we’re a micro consultancy). This can be a benefit as it reduces communication overheads and things tend to get done quickly and correctly – first time. However for larger projects, Jamie is happy to work with members of your own team or can also pull together an experienced team of fellow freelancers should circumstances dictate. Teksidia has good relationships with business analysts, graphic designers, user experience (UX) consultants, quality assurance specialists and project managers. But hopefully we can keep expenses down and deliver with a lean team of one.

What technologies do you prefer?

The majority of our experience is with Microsoft frameworks. We consider this a solid, low risk, sustainable choice of platform. We love Microsoft’s excellent cross-platform eco-system (Visual Studio / .NET Core) and their cloud platform (Azure) because it enables us to create complex applications with minimum fuss. Microsoft are continually evolving their tools so that software built on their frameworks remains relevant and ‘cutting edge’ (it also means we have to keep learning new stuff).