We’re branching out into Product Development and want to create a product to help small business.

We want to create something brilliant that will help you to increase or measure your productivity; save time and money, or make your everyday processes more efficient.

Just one problem. We don’t know where to begin or what to create! We know a lot about building software; but we have no inside knowledge of a specific industry.

So we’ve launched our #ProductBakeOff campaign. We want to hear from small businesses and identify your pain points.

We have 3 (and a bit) main evaluation criteria for choosing a product to develop:

  • We can build it in less than 6 months (to first release)
  • It suits a cloud-based (web) solution
  • It’s niche (less competition) but not too niche (no demand)
  • …bonus points for ideas that are humanitarian or involve kittens

What’s in it for you? That depends!

If you can help find potential customers and contribute to marketing / selling the product, there’s potential for you to become a shareholder.

If you simply want your problem solved, you’ll get a product designed for your needs at no cost. All you need to do is help us understand the problem domain. You’ll be our development partner with a lifetime free license.

Sound interesting?

If you need any memory joggers or inspiration check out our first #ProductBakeOff blog post.

Or enter your idea now and you might be able to grow your business for free!